how to activate nayapay visa virtual card in 2023

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 Hello friends,

 In this article, I would like to tell you about 'how to activate the Nayapay visa virtual card'.

 What is the virtual card? you can do online shopping with the virtual card, or if you want to buy anything online, then for that. Friends, you can use the virtual card.

So, many friends do not know that Naya Pay now has a video card and they also have a physical card, so the difference between the two is that the physical card can be used at any ATM. You can get Withdraw by using the physical card in the machine, but the virtual card is only visible to you inside the app, where you get the CVC number, and also your card number. It is a virtual card and a physical card that is registered in your name.

NayaPay Account

If you want to prevent your card from being counter-pressured, then all the controls are in your hands. You don't have to call any bank's helpline. You don't have to do anything like that. You can do less, more, freeze, unfreeze, disable, disable, international payments, and then I'll tell you how you can use it. 

The mobile app should be available, and from there you will go and activate it and use it, but before activating the physical card that we applied, the one with zero balance was applied, Then there are a few cards. For this, you have to deposit a small amount of Rs. 300 in this account. 

They can transfer what they have from your money or from any bank's mobile app. 300 rupees will be available in your nayapay account, and then you can apply for this virtual car, its charges will not be deducted, but you have to initially deposit 300 rupees in the account, you can do it online shopping securely. You can use this card on Amazon, Daraz, Alibaba, and other platforms like this. To get this card, you must first have a NayaPay account. You have not yet opened an account.

So now I will tell you how to activate your card in the NayaPay account.

1) First of all, you have to open your nayapay account. When you register your nayapay account, an interface like this will open in front of you.

open nayapay account

2) Now, as soon as you open your nayapay account, you will get an option for cards on the front page, so you have to click on the card option, so click here. 

activate nayapay card

3) So now it's our turn for the 3rd step, so the first thing you have to do is to click on the activate card button. It will ask you to either add your fingerprint or add your MPIN number.

Add MPIN Number In Nayapay

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4) So as soon as you add your MPIN number or do your fingerprint verification, your online transaction account i.e. virtual card will be activated as you can see in the picture here. Now in the next up, you have some more details I will tell you about them when your account is activated.

successfully activated nayapay card

Friends this was our last app as you can see our nayapay virtual card has been activated the same way as the physical card also the physical card is also activated so now we have some points Let's talk about what kind of interface we'll have now when our card is activated, how you can control your spending limits, how you can set them now, I'll let you know.


When something like this interface is opened in front of you, you have to click on the Spending Controls button here because from here we will set how much we want to spend our payment daily and monthly spends. So in addition to this nayapay card, you also get the option of card freezing and in addition here you also get the option of card limits.

People also ask Questions:

Question No.1 

Does NayaPay offer virtual cards?

Answer: Yes, the Naya Pay account provides a free virtual card. which can be used to do online shopping whether it is Amazon, Daraz, or any online platform.

Question No.2 

What is the nayapay virtual card fee?

Answer: Naya Payal has written regularly that you will get this card absolutely free, so there are no monthly charges and no weekly charges. It is absolutely free.

Question No.3 

How to Get a nayapay debit card?

Answer: You can get a debit card by registering on your nayapay mobile app, there is no problem, you can get an up debit card very easily.


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