How To Fix “Crawled – Currently Not Indexed” Error In GSC, Quick & Fast Method.

How To Fix “Crawled – Currently Not Indexed” Error In Google Search Console? 

Quick & Fast Method to Solve This Error “Crawled – Currently Not Indexed” :

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The status "Crawled Currently No Indexed" typically refers to the state of a web page in the context of search engine optimization (SEO). So, Let me tell you about it now:

1. What is a Crawler?

  • A crawler is a Google robot that checks your web page to see what content you have placed on your web page.
  •  A search engine's web crawler (also known as a bot) has visited and analyzed the content of the website. The crawler retrieves information from the page to understand its content

2. Crawled, Currently No Indexed:

The Google search engine has chosen not to include the web page in its index This Means Of "Crawled, Currently No Indexed" Error. The index is a database where the search engine stores information about web pages to facilitate efficient and relevant search results.

First of all, you have to make sure that the crawler has visited your web page and after viewing your web page, it has been analyzed that your page is not indexable in Google's search engine. If so, there are three methods to solve it. 

  • First, you have to add your heading and sub-hidings, because according to this robot, the headings you have given are not proper. You have not done the SEO properly. 
  • After that, let's talk about the second number, in this, you have to send pings for your article. If your daily traffic has started, then understand that your article will also start to rank and Google will know that your article has power. 
  • On the third point, if you start providing your high-quality content, then Google will also start to understand that you are providing quality content, and the indexing of your articles will start.
 This error  “Crawled – Currently Not Indexed” is 100% Solved.

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